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about us

A few months ago, three photographers who have known each other for years started to meet more often and work on some nice projects together. That’s how our collective formed up. We had an unofficial name we did not want to work under, so we created OhVibe Creative Collective and would like you to join us here on our creative journey.
Please follow and share our page, and help us spread the good vibrations through photography around the world.


Lucas Ludziejewski

He has always been with a camera wherever something is happening, where there are people, wildlife... or riots.

Natalia Grela

She likes people and notices emotions and feelings. Her photographs are characterised by lightness and naturalness. She loves portraits.

Lucas Malec

Life took him along different career paths, but photography always won. Fascinated by observing wildlife and people.

Where, when and how?

We usually shoot in Belfast (mostly weekends) and surrounding areas, but in some cases, we travel longer distances to specific locations we need for our photo shoot ideas. You can go there with us (we drive), or we can send you a pin, and you can meet us there. It is totally up to you. You can take your partner/friend/family member if you are not comfortable going with us on your own.

We also have mobile photography studio equipment, so in some cases, when we have a bigger room/space available, we use it too.

We use professional, full-frame digital cameras and analog cameras, including medium format. We develop and scan films ourselves.

Would you like to be our next model?